Saturday, June 11, 2016

Companies I will no longer support

I gotta give it up for Dominika Cibulkova.  Girlfriend has always been short on stature but big on guts.  And while just about everyone -- including Serena Williams, Sharapova's longtime nemesis -- has  been pussy-footing around Sharapova as if her shit don't stink, Cibulkova had the guts to call it like it is.  According to excerpts translated from a magazine in Bratislava, Cibulkova was quoted as expressing surprise "that most of the reactions" to the discovery of Maria's cheating "were so diplomatic, because everyone’s opinion is actually totally different".

I believe this to be true.  I believe that most professional players on the tour, including many of those who gave diplomatic responses, think that Maria Sharapova's entire tennis career has been characterized by cheating.  That her entire career has been one long multimillionaire lie.

But if one were to judge from the majority of interviews, everyone ends up sounding soooo f**king supportive.  Poor Maria, crippled with health conditions that required her to take a performance-enhancing drug. For TEN YEARS!!!!  Puh-lease.  And double steups. No, make that a fricking triple.

I am all for giving people the benefit of the doubt.  But I am not for reinforcing white privilege.  If Maria Sharapova was black or brown, her ass would have been handed to her.  She would have been drummed out of tennis.  She would not have had the guts to show her face on the beach the day after holding an arrogant press conference to admit, amid smirks, that she had pissed hot.  She would not be attending A-list events as if she was untouchable.

Just compare this to what Jenifer Capriati suffered -- and she didn't take performance-enhancing drugs!  So the moral of this story is that if you test positive for pot or is found guilty of shoplifting, you will lose your career.  But if you test positive for taking a heart-recovery medicine in the absence of a legitimate heart problem, you get to return in a few months and pick back up as if nothing happened. I  am ashamed of my sport and of the weak-willed people that govern it.

If Maria Sharapova was black or brown, corporate tennis would have told her to make sure that the door didn't hit her flat ass on the way out.  Not only would her black/brown ass have lost every endorsement deal, but she would have been punished with enough severity to make sure that she could never recover to ever play professional tennis again.  But Maria represents the skinny blonde ideal that is every ad-man's dream.  So she gets a slap on the wrist -- and a pass.

Which leaves me no choice but to decide to take my own stance, on principle.  Effective immediately, I will no longer support any company that pays Maria Sharapova to endorse them.

I never bought her stupid sugar-pova crap because I personally try always to put healthy food in my mouth, so there will be no change there.  But I have in the past worn Nike, drank Evian water, and brushed my teeth with Colgate toothpaste. I prefer Coke to Pepsi but I can't say that I have never supported Pepsi products.  It breaks my heart that I own a Canon camera.  And I have always played with Head racquets.  No more.

Effective immediately, I will use none of these products.  And yes, this will hurt me more than it hurts them, but this is not about them, it's about me.  It's about being able to live with myself.   It's about doing the right thing, even when you can get away -- FOR TEN YEARS!!! -- with doing the wrong.

So, the camera is now listed for cheap on eBay.  Grab it.  So too are all of my Head racquets -- all ten of them that I have purchased over the past twenty plus years of playing tennis.  (I'm looking for another brand and would welcome your suggestions, but make it quick because I signed up for league tennis and have to buy a new racquet stat).

Quite simply, I plan not to support any company, including the few listed above, that continues to endorse Maria Sharapova.  That's it -- plain and simple.  Sometimes you have to take a stance on principle, even when it hurts.

So you want to know what consoles me?  It's the thought that with ten years' worth of Meldonium running through her body -- sometimes double-dosing for special occasions -- Maria still hasn't hasn't beaten Serena in how many tries?  And she has only managed to win how many Slams?

Sooooo...more than likely Maria would have been just another journeyman with a big forehand if it were not for the assistance of drugs that she insisted she was taking for purely health reasons?  Now can anyone explain to me why is such a poor unhealthy woman with an apparently pre-diabetic heart condition even bothering to try to succeed in the world of professional tennis? Anyone?


happygeek said...

The size of the business is proportional to the size of pretense. BIG business, big pretense...they don't care what the athletes they're endorsing are doing...they're not there to be moral and upstanding, only in appearances.

It's the packaging that's important, never mind what's on the inside, if the packaging sells, that's the bottom line.

tennischick said...

Lovely comment happygeek. You are so right.

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