Thursday, March 6, 2014

ESPN asks: Should Serena still be ranked No. 1?

Or to quote ESPN accurately, “Should Serena Williams still be ranked No. 1 in women's tennis?” This is a current and still active poll question on its website. As of this writing, 26,947 people have replied, with 61% voting ‘Yes’ and 39% voting ‘No’.

I would give anything to be able to have a meaningful, non hate-filled conversation with the members of that 39% group. I would ask them, respectfully, what exactly went into their vote? What led to their desire to skew the results it in a particular direction? 

Was it Serena’s loss to Cornet in Dubai? Do the members of the 39% truly believe that the #1 player should never lose any matches? In that case, should Nadal have retired after losing that glorious match to Wawrinka at the Australian Open?

But that conversation could only happen if the members of the 39% were willing to give up the anonymity provided by the Internet and declare themselves. Who among them would be willing to reveal their identities and defend their motivation? Because surely the members of the 39% likely consist of people who fall in any or all of the following categories:

-       Idiots
-       Racists
-       Asswipes
-       Green-eyed monsters choking with jealousy
-       Folks who know nothing about tennis
-       Supporters of Sugarpova

In other words, a bunch of nameless, faceless Internet trolls with hearts full of hate and heads empty of true tennis wisdom.

But enough about the 39%. I pity their limited ability to appreciate greatness while it lasts. I pity their petty jealousy. Because more than that, I pity ESPN.

I feel badly for this increasingly irrelevant sports site that in order to generate traffic, it has to stoop to a gutter poll designed only to bring a sister down. I pity its aging roster of Entirely Stupid Penile Numbskulls, that the only way it could get almost 30,000 folks to visit its decrepit website was by feeding the trolls. Really ESPN, if you have nothing meaningful to contribute to the conversation about women's tennis, why not just STFU?

I am of course encouraged that the majority of people supported Serena's right to be #1. I was also heartened by the many comments questioning ESPN's motivation in running this poll. But I personally elected not to vote. The question is much too stupid and offensive. It should not have been asked in the first place and I will therefore not give it the energy of a click. 

Voting on to such an idiotic question is feeding into ESPN’s apparent desire to create controversy. And yes one could argue that I gave them attention anyway by even writing this entry. Or you could just decide to contact your cable provider and spring for the Tennis Channel. 


Anonymous said...

Also the timing of this poll was suspicious -- Indian Wells is on and everyone knows how much Serena bis hated there.

Anonymous said...

"Is" not bis.

tennischick said...

Thanks for your comment. Agreed. Also, Serena has almost TWICE the points of the second place player. Of course she is the clear #1. Silly poll.

Scott Ellis said...

You have to go by the point system. Why is there a question?

By the way, you must be a Maria hater, and yes i hate serena. She gets away with being a _ _ _ _ _ because she's a black american. She has a chip on her shoulder, witch will be knocked off, i hope soon. 2009 us open she wasn't sorry, and didn't have to say it on TV. Ryan Harrison had to get on TV to apologize for breaking hes racket. Also he has class.

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