Sunday, April 8, 2012

Liveblogging the Family Circle Cup 2012 Finals: Serena vs. Lucie

It was a terrific long weekend of tennis at the Family Circle Cup. I hope you enjoyed my commentary as much as I enjoyed writing it. Next up, a picture thread with a lot of the action I saw. Thanks for reading. And as ever, Serena showed them how it's done. Congrats Serena!

A woman next to me commented that she thought that Safarova made a better effort to beat Serena in the finals than Stosur did in the semis. I disagree. I think that Safarova seemed to accept that Serena was completely in the zone and that her efforts were better placed trying to win the doubles finals. In which case, the match against Serena served as an effective warm up. She and her partner needed three sets but Safarova did indeed win the doubles event. Congrats to her for getting two pay-checks in one week!

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