Friday, April 6, 2012

Live blogging the Family Circle Cup: Venus vs. Sam Stosur

First of all it is damn cold. As in brrrrrrr...
I dunno how Sam Stosur could possibly be in a short skirt. Venus' outfit is cute and practical.
Sam held easily but Venus is being made to work.
The crowd seems a tad subdued. Maybe Serena's win exhausted them.
Damn it's cold.
Nice tricky slice by Sam. Venus did not know how to lift it back.
If Venus keeps facing deuce games, I'm afraid the outcome is predictable.
We're on serve. 23 minutes in. Pretty sized crowd.
But lots of empty spaces folks. Come on down!
So how predictable was that break point? Sam is up 4-2.
Sam painted that line. She holds easily 5-2.
Game Sam. But she did have to work for it.
End of first set.
3:23pm. Now the second set begins. Oops my bad that I forgot to time-stamp the above entries. I'm a Luddite trying to get used to this technology crap.
Venus got broken. She has the energy of my grandma. That is not a diss. Just an observation. But she is fighting.
3:29pm. Vee got the break back. I did not see that coming.
3:32 Just spilled my coffee. It's too cold here to waste coffee.
Sam breaks again. Must be a WTA match.
3:43pm. Sam has faced several break points. Both women want this. Venus gets the break. The crowd is finally into it. Back on serve.
Venus holds. 3-2 Venus.
Sam seems to be falling off a bit. Break point Venus.
3:54pm. Venus has caught a second wind. Folks we have a match! Venus leads 5-2 in the second set.
Now Sam is the one moving like my grandma. What gives?
Venus needs to volley better if she is coming to net.
Both women slicing sweetly and effectively.
4:10pm. Not clear if the crowd wants Venus to win or just want a third set.
Venus wants this break so bad she can taste it!
4:16pm. Venus gets the break! On to a third set.

Why are the lines always so damn long for the women's room? I'm missing the start of the third set.

1:48pm. Sweet passing shot by Sam.
Venus' ball kid/assistant changed into long pants. Can't say I blame her. It is fricking cold.
Song being played: "Here comes the sun". Someone has a sense of humor.
4:46pm. Sam being made to fight. Advantage Williams.
4:50pm. Sam held. But she got pushed. Good match.
4:53 Easier hold for Venus.
5:00pm. Sam played a sweet drop shot. Will she break for the match? She does.

5:10pm. Waiting for Sam's interview.
Sam says she's happy for her first win against Venus.
Next up she faces Serena in the semis. Her coach just had a baby so Sam is flying solo.

I tried going back to watch Vera vs Lucie but it's just too cold. I leave as Vera is up 4-2 in the first set. Off to the hotel. I will be live-blogging again tomorrow. I hear it will be warmer.

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