Saturday, April 7, 2012

Live-blogging the Family Circle Cup - Serena vs. Sam

12:15pm. We're early so we're catching the end of the doubles match. Thank goodness the sun is out.
Match over. Somebody (one of the losers) threw a racket against the net in disgust.

Song being played: The Talking Heads "Letting the days go by..."
The crowd files out. 30 something minutes to go before Serena vs Sam. A match-up that is sure to get our juices flowing. Can't wait!

12:39pm. The clay court is being watered by hand. There is something so charming about this. I'm used to the automatic sprinklers.
12:59. Ball teens on the court. A significant number of them are African-American. Serena about to enter.

What an athlete!
Serena's entry song: "Boom Boom Pow!"

1:13pm. Serena in electric blue top, black skirt, lime-green accessories.  And the opening break at love.
1:16. Serena holds at love. 2-0.
The crowd is rooting for Sam. They want a match.
Brilliant passing shot by Serena.
Equally brilliant serving by Sam to finally get on the board. 2-1 Serena.

1:28pm. Two lethal forehands later, Serena has another break. 4-1.
Now Michael Jackson is asking us if we wanna be starting something.  He's kinda late. Something has already started.

1:37pm. Unnerving game. Serena got tested but held. 5-1.
1:42pm. Serena breaks again! Set 1 is over in less than 30 minutes!Baby girl is robably aiming to close this out under 60 minutes.

No bathroom break for me. I learn my lesson from yesterday.

1:46pm. Second set. Serena holds, hitting I swear the exact same spot for three shots in a row. Sam challenged the first time and lost.  So Serena hit it again. And then again.  Lol!
Serena breaks and stifles a yelp. She probably remembers the high price she paid for that.
2:00pm. Sam double faults to give Serena yet another break.  4-0 Serena. Somebody in the crowd yells "Bring it Serena!"

6-0 5-0 Serena. Sam seems subdued. Where is that Asian line lady when she's most needed?
Song choice: Bad Mama Jammer. Lol!
Sam holds. The crowd goes nuts. Serena serving for the match at 6-1 5-1.

2:12pm. Match over. 6-1 6-1 Serena.

Sam's interview : She is refusing to make excuses for spending more time out on court. She thought that Serena was simply unbeatable today. Sam has the prettiest blue eyes.

2:30pm. Waiting for Serena. ESPN got her first. Us plebs have to wait.
2:31pm. I spoke too soon. She's here.

Very charming interview. She agrees that she was in the zone and then cracks herself up that she could have beaten Andy today. She can't contain her laughter. The crowd is charmed. Serena looks like someone with whom you would enjoy hanging out.

Next up:  Live-blogging the finals. Tune back in tomorrow for my comments on Serena vs. Lucie Safarova. They both dispatched their opponents in under an hour today. Lucie won 6-0 6-0, Serena 6-1 6-1. Serena leads their head to head 4-0, but it took her four sets to close out the lefty the last time they met in Toronto 2011. It's gonna be a good finals.

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