Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Family Circle Cup 2012: A Weekend in Pictures

This is my first ever pictures only thread. I thought of coming up with a bunch of clever captions but decided against it because I wasn't feeling particularly clever or witty when I decided to do this thread. I was coming off my disappointment with the tennis fan experience juxtaposed with the impressiveness of the tennis itself at the Family Circle Cup 2012. Of course I will be back next year. I like supporting women's tennis. It is a unique experience. And I have to admit that, apart from Venus, I did not have to deal with too much screaming, which was a blessing. I am all for the WTA belatedly deciding to regulate the banshees. They keep waking up my cat, and you don't want to wake up my cat if you can help it. But there was a moment against Safarova when Serena hit a great shot and clearly wanted to scream in celebration. But she stifled it. She quashed it. She pushed it back down. And the Asian lines-woman wasn't even there! I am all for self-containment. The screaming women have gotten out of control. Someone needs to step up and start applying some penalties. It IS possible to play Big Babe tennis without screaming. Indeed, in Charleston, there were moments when you could hear a pin drop. I am all for that.


happygeek said...

The final shot of Serena is excellent! Great ending to a series of fine pics!

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