Thursday, January 5, 2012

“The best player in the world” vs. The Drama

These were my two choices for my first post of the year. I could build an article using Tsonga’s reference to Federer as  “the best player in the world I think”. Yes Tsonga said these words today after his win in Doha over Albert Ramos. This was his reply when asked by the courtside interviewer how he felt about the possibility of facing Federer in the next round. And if you’re a regular reader of this blog you know that I seize any opportunity to talk about the greatness of Roger Federer.

But then came the competing option involving the Drama. It’s clear that Serena either did not read my New Year tennis wish list, or that she decided that the Tennis Chick could just piss off.  Because there she is, the year barely started, and already creating Drama. It’s clear that Serena can’t help herself. It’s clearer that I need to amend my list of tennis wishes.

Have you heard about the whole new drama involving Drake and Serena? According to, Serena went off on a bitter Twitter rant after she found out that Drake has chosen to date the gorgeous Dollicia Bryan over her. And really, if Serena was maybe 17 or even 22, I would not be as fazed. But Serena is pushing 30. That is not an age for Twitter drama.

Plus she is a professional athlete.  She is the greatest female tennis player ever, IMO. She has won every damn Slam. I would have expected her to conduct herself more dignity in the aftermath of a disappointing break-up – if that is what occurred. After all, it’s not like she is a reality star or a lesser celebrity with limited reach. She is a fricking tennis pro. Her brand is serious. She has worked hard to achieve it. Which is why I still can’t believe that she would tweet the following pathetic rants:

“Even though I try I can’t let go, something in your eyes captured my soul. Every night I see you in my dreams. Your [sic] all I know I can’t let go”. And, “I’m afraid to sleep…because I keep dreaming about you”. And then there is the tweet, “You suck”, complete with a picture of herself looking either sultry or pathetic, I’m not sure. Maybe she is trying to let the dude know what he is missing.  Or maybe she wants him to know just how much he has hurt her.

I don’t mean to be ageist but Serena reminds me of Danny Glover in those Lethal Weapon movies. She is just too old for this s**t. I would expect my teenage nieces and nephews to advertise their relationship drama all over Twitter. After all, they listen to Justin Bieber. But for a 30-year-old woman, I would have expected more emotional self-control.

It’s one thing to have a booty-shaking video all over YouTube. I didn’t mind that as much. Sure it was kind of ghetto-fabulous, to use a throwback term. But I never assumed that it was she herself who leaked it, especially since the video seems to have disappeared off the Internet. Besides, in this digital era, shaking your booty may even be a way of advertising what you got in order to attract male attention.

But the tweets are childish and downright petulant. They are calling for attention. From their content it’s a foregone conclusion that whomever she is tweeting about doesn’t want her anymore. OK, I get that that hurts. Been there, felt that. But to embarrass yourself like this is just unacceptable. Serena is way too old for this shit.

I also don’t understand how either she or her brand benefits from this drama. It’s not like she’s Chris Brown who clearly attracts sympathy (and record sales) by putting his complaints out there on Twitter. There are always going to be a slew of foolish young girls who will run out and buy his CD in support. And Serena is no Kanye, trying to make a case after the embarrassing fact, for why he was qualified to put out a (failed) fashion show in Paris. She is a 30-year-old tennis pro. Just let your mind wrap itself around that fact.

Drake in turn has been all class. In the most recent issue of Complex magazine he was quoted as saying: “I really love and care for Serena Williams. She’s incredible. That’s someone I’m proud to say I know. She’s definitely in my life and I’m in her life”. Unfortunately for Serena, tonight he is effing Dollicia Bryan.

Unfortunately for Federer, it is clear that the Drama won the contest for the first post of the year. But surely he must know by now that I agree with Tsonga that he is the best player in the world? Besides, I suspect that the Drama amused him too.

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Dean Janssen said...

Finally, a real injury. She really rolled her ankle. When will a writer show the courage to demand proof of the prior foot injuries and the hematoma and embolism. Seems to me that after her tirade against the Korean linesperson, Serena avoided the next US Open knowing that the crowd would eat her alive. Then, inspiration struck, and she brought the pity play into play. An embolism, life-threatening at that. An further foot injuries. Then, with fanfare and pity well in place, she reappeared at the 2011 US Open. Sam Stosur spoiled the party. Could Serena possibly be a sociopath? Or just a narcissist? She appears to have no conscience, no real introspection.