Monday, January 10, 2011

Only $4,000. to see Steffi nude?

Really if I was Steffi I would be more pissed at the price than at the fact that my husband showed a complete stranger a picture of me in the buff. When he got home I would probably beat him senseless for accepting anything under $100,000. for showing pictures of me in the raw. I would yell at him, “$4,000??? Sorry but that price is just too damn cheap!!!”

After all, let’s be honest, Steffi Graf has always had a hot tight bod. I saw some recent pictures of her vacationing with her children in Italy and it’s clear that she has reached MILF status. Some men would probably pay top dollar for the privilege of seeing up close what Andre gets to appreciate every day – although his access might have been markedly reduced since this incident.

For Agassi’s sake, I hope that Steffi has a sense of humor. It’s not the first time that I’ve read about him doing something outlandish that would potentially piss off any wife. I remember him recounting the story of how Steffi left him to babysit and came home to find their son’s head shaved completely bald.

It must be difficult to be married to such a man-child. I like the playfulness but when it comes with an element of recklessness, no doubt this must at times be very trying. At least it would be for me.

The nudie event went down at an auction in Taiwan. In a way I’m grateful that it happened outside of the US. And the expression on the winning bidder’s face is priceless. It’s like he could not believe that Agassi was crazy enough to go through with the offer.

The only clip I could find of the event was in Mandarin (I assume) so I could not understand a word of it. In the video clip, Andre can be seen holding up an autographed plate, and then telling bidders: "If you bid more than $4,000 on this, I will show you a picture of my wife on my phone, naked." The audience can be heard breaking into hearty applause and cheers of appreciation.

A friend of mine hearing of this incident wondered out loud if Andre was back using meth. I told him that I found his comment to be uncharitable. I think that Andre was just trying to liven things up. The auction must have been quite a dud if he had to go to such extreme measures!

Several of the media reports of this incident also invoked comparisons to Brett Favre who reportedly sexted photos of his liver-spotted erect penis to a female massage therapist. I say liver-spotted because I actually saw the photos and the penis seemed covered in liver spots to me. I’ve never actually seen a liver-spotted penis up close so maybe they were freckles. Either way the thing was gross.

But I don’t think that it is fair to make an equation between what Andre definitely did and what Brett Favre allegedly did. Yes both incidents involve a violation, but Favre’s alleged behavior would have been motivated by lust (not to mention complete disrespect for the female recipient of that liver-spotted horror), while Andre’s intent was more honorable and altruistic. Both incidents however would have thoroughly pissed off the average wife.

In defense of Agassi, I adore the sincerity of his commitment to doing charitable work. He has invested millions of his own money into his school in Las Vegas. Steffi too has a longstanding commitment to various children’s charities. Unlike Andre who has done the bulk of his charity work since retiring from tennis, Steffi’s commitment was expressed even while she was still playing on the WTA tour. I plan to attend a conference in Las Vegas this year and one of my dreams is to be able to visit their school and perhaps offer some charity services of my own.

The larger problem for me is that Andre has announced to the world that he carries around naked pictures of his wife on his cell phone. I can imagine a lot of paparazzi who are probably currently scheming and plotting to steal that damn phone. Think of the price those pictures would carry.