Monday, December 15, 2008

The 2008 Top Men of Tennis – Limerick Style

Current Rankings from the official site for men's tennis:

1. Nadal, Rafael (ESP) [1335]
2. Federer, Roger (SUI) [1061] {photograph below}

3. Djokovic, Novak (SRB) [1059]

4. Murray, Andy (GBR) [744]

5. Davydenko, Nikolay (RUS) [543]

6. Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried (FRA) [410] {middle photograph}

7. Simon, Gilles (FRA) [396]

8. Roddick, Andy (USA) [394]

9. Del Potro, Juan Martin (ARG) [389] {top photo}

10. Blake, James (USA) [355]

# 10 James Blake

He’s good friends with that douche named John Mayer

And once dated a blonde called Jennifer

His go-for-broke style

Butt bouncing all the while

Only confirms he’s an overa

# 9 Juan Del Potro
A breakout star this American summer

Four titles after Stuttgart, what a winner!

José Acasuso,

Nalby, Chela, Gaudio

All replaced by a new son for Argentina

#8 Andy Roddick

It’s unfair to blame it all on the model
‘Decker does B-Rod', so not a good title
But with Mandy Moore

Who had class galore

He was more focused, committed, and subtle

# 7 Gilles Simon

There is an old saying in France

"À jeune chasseur, il faut vieux chien"
In Thierry Tulasne
Simon found the right man

Who could help him learn victory’s parlance.

# 6 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
“My dear President Elect Obama”,

Wrote Jo Wilfried’s maman, Mme. Tsonga.

“What you pulled off was great

I really do appreciate

But did you have to steal all my son’s thunder?”

# 5 Nicolay Davydenko
His relief was utterly satisfying

Having faced accusations of gambling

In their eyes he could look

And say, see, I’m no crook

Now if he only he could just halt the balding

# 4 Andy Murray

“Get over it”, he shouted, “I am Scottish!”

The press slammed him for being so piggish
But it was just a joke

Or a
pig in a poke
From his teeth everyone knows he’s English

# 3 Novak Djokovic

A proud son of the Serbian soil

No one doubts that he’s willing to toil

But the ceiling won’t pop

He’s shut out of the top

Federer and Nadal make his blood boil

# 2 Roger Federer
Of his year I have no idea what to make

Losses to Sampras, Fish, and ouch Blake

When I kneel down in prayer

I say “God, please, next year
A fourteenth Slam for goodness sake!”

# 1 Rafael Nadal

Part superstitious belief, or just fear

Some think coaches should be changed every year

But when you have the best

And beating all the rest

Uncle Toni’s not going anywhere


tommy said...

dude, maybe it could've sounded better if you put it this way. cheers! :)

# 9 Juan Del Potro
A breakout star this American summer
Four titles after Stuttgart, what a winner!
Acasuso, Gaudio, Nalby, Chela,
All replaced by a new son for Argentina.

tennischick said...

but then it wouldn't be a, dude.

thanks for stopping by tho'. :p

mimimayhem said...

I LOVE THIS! I'm your new fan.

And I'm also a fan of James Blake. Even if I think you're too harsh on him, I believe you. Somehow, these things you say about him are at the back of my head and I never dared explore them 'cause I love him too much. So your words are like my id. I'm happy to let them out.

Cheers, tennischick!