Monday, March 31, 2008

The Boor is ready for marriage?

He is 27 years old but behaves like a big baby. There is nothing mature about his on-court deportment. In fact, these days he attracts more attention for behaving like a jerk than for his still periodically lethal tennis. He seems completely unable to control his temper and is almost guaranteed to get a warning from the Chair after he loses his serve. He has flung some of the meanest and most sarcastic insults to his opponents, and recently attracted much criticism for his childish intimidation of an 18-year-old Japanese opponent [Kei Nishikori]. He has never and will never receive the Stefan Edberg award for sportsmanship.

Some have blamed Jimmy Connors but those who do so must have very short memories because Andy Roddick has always been boorish. What has changed is that he has gotten unbearably worse. So much so that one of his biggest supporters, Jon Wertheim, was recently moved to write the following in his weekly tennis column:

“I haven't hidden my fondness for Roddick over the years. But it's probably about time he got called on his you-know-what. And heeding Roddick's advice to Nishikori, we're going to stick him with it: I cringed as Roddick dressed down Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and winced as he sucked down champagne and blew off the Portland, Ore., kids seeking autographs at the Davis Cup, and bristled at this laughable, Connors-ian me-against-the-world routine.

“But he completely lost me in Australia. Roddick's tirade against the umpire – so
me poor guy with kids watching at home – was not only low-rent, but also played to every Ugly American stereotype. Roddick played the role of posturing bully frat boy, even when he didn't have right on his side.”

Even Roddick’s charitable foundation has come under heavy fire, with claims that the management is fraught with nepotism and have no idea what they are doing. Claims are that none of the big-name stars he most recently advertised to support his charity event actually showed up. Andy and his mother have been described as having “delusions of grandeur”. I guess goat don’t make sheep.

The Boor has announced his plans to marry. The willing victim is a 20-year-old Sports Illustrated slut named Brooklyn Decker [in photo].

Roddick has been dating his wife-to-be for a few short months. She has witnessed his public meltdowns and embarrassing displays on court. Maybe she is a starry-eyed 20-year-old who believes that love can tame the nastiest beast. Or she may be seizing the opportunity to see the world as his travel companion. Or maybe she is just using him to advance her fledgling career. Whatever her motivation, she cannot at any point in the future claim not to know that she was marrying a boor.