Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Haikus on History: Women's Tennis Fashion

Long skirts, bodices

Restrict the breath, breasts

Of Victorian ladies



Gossips wag

That Maud Watson dares win Wimbledon

Twice showing ankles


Suzanne Lenglen

Adjusts bandeau and skirt

Between forehands and base



Practical Helen Wills

Dons visor, and tailor pleated

Knee-length skirt




concludes that

White shorts must mean

Alice has lost her marbles.


Gay Teddy Tinling

Probably wished he could wear

Moran’s lace knickers



In tennis only

Era of the practical

And reliable


During her win streak

Martina refuses

To change from sailor blues



Ann White dared to don

White lycra unitard showing

Her lack of butt.



Serena Williams

Caused paparazzi frenzy

Wearing her catsuit


Shelia said...

Love this post...very clever!

happygeek said...

...LOL....funny timeline :^)

Aliah the TV addict said...

omg. i enjoyed this post. i've always been fascinated with the evolvement of women's tennis.

oh ya, i linked you. hope you don't mind.

p.s yes, ernests is a cutie pie. hee!

Laurel said...

Komfort is King ... or at least it should be:-)

Stumbled on your blog looking for info about traumatic memory loss believe it or not, but tennis if fun too!

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